Unattended Password Reset (UPR) Process


This process will change the password of your University Computing ID (UCID). Please remember that your UCID and password provide access to the following NJIT services for Alumni:

In the next steps you will be asked to identify yourself, then answer your password reset questions/answers. You will then need to create a new password.

This process assumes you have previously set up your password reset questions/answers. If you have not set up your password reset questions/answers, you will need to call the Alumni Relations and speak to a Customer Service representative. If unsure about this, please proceed and the process will check for you.

Step 1 of 6: Identification

Please enter personal information as indicated below in order to confirm your identity. Your responses will be compared to NJIT's alumni records system.

UCID Your University Computing ID (UCID), for example


ID Your 8 digit NJITID excluding dashes, for example:


Optionally, you may use your 9 digit SSN excluding dashes, for example:


Alumni who graduated prior to 1968: We may not have your SSN on file in the alumni records system. In these cases you might have an Assigned ID# shown on your invitation letter.

If you experience difficulty establishing a UCID, please contact the Alumni Relations HelpDesk.

Date of Birth
Your date of birth in mmm/dd/yyyy format, for example:

    Jun / 29 / 1971

You must provide a full four-digit year.

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